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Traffic Law Attorneys in Hillsborough County, FL

How Can An Attorney Help With Traffic Ticket Cases?

While a traffic ticket may seem like a minor case to resolve, it can turn serious if not handled in a timely manner. Fines, fees and other costs can add up quickly, and points on your license can lead to increased insurance rates. However, the Law Offices of Dennis A. Lopez may be able to help you get your ticket reduced or dismissed. Whether you have been charged with running a red light, leaving the scene of an accident or driving on a suspended license, Dennis Lopez can use his 30 years of experience to help you resolve your case in a favorable manner.
Traffic Ticket Cases - Dennis A. Lopez, Attorney at Law - Hillsborough County, FL
Whether you've received a ticket for something as simple as an expired registration or something as complex as a DUI or hit-and-run accidents, we are here to help you avoid hefty fines. We have also helped our clients to reduce or dismiss tickets related to speeding, reckless driving, texting while driving, driving without a license or failure to signal.