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DUI Attorneys in Pinellas County, FL

DUI Case - Dennis A. Lopez, Attorney at Law - Pinellas County, FL

Obtain the Best Outcome in Your DUI Case

In the state of Florida, law enforcement has made it a priority to enforce drunk driving laws. Those who are convicted of operating a motor vehicle while impaired could face jail time, a fine and a license suspension or revocation. In addition, a driver may also face higher insurance premiums after a DUI conviction. However, Dennis Lopez can use his 30 years of experience to cast doubt on any evidence used against you in court in an effort to obtain a favorable outcome in your case.

Extensive Knowledge Helps Clients Obtain Favorable Outcomes

An extensive knowledge of Florida DUI law may help clients obtain favorable outcomes in their cases. The attorneys at the Dennis A. Lopez Law Firm can use the details of the traffic stop or breath test that lead to your DUI charge to build a solid defense. They also know what prosecutors need to land a conviction and will work hard to challenge the evidence against you to make sure that you get the best possible defense and the result in court that you need.

What Happens When I Am Charged With DUI?

Different professions are affected by DUIs in different ways, but all of them are serious. Commercial drivers lose their license for a year, and on a second offense, they lose their ability to drive commercially for life. Pilots lose their pilot's license, and police officers are fired.
It is important that you notify an attorney within 10 days of your arrest so that we can protect your driver's license with the Bureau of Administrative Reviews. Once you notify us, we explain your rights, discuss the court process, and try to solve the facts of your case.
If your case cannot be dismissed, we work to reduce your charge to reckless driving.